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Sex facts.

 Extracts from The Lazy Sod's Guide to Sex << Click for more information

Sex Facts

Every day, 200 million couples around the world have sex. The average session lasts 30 minutes so, at any moment, there are 4 million couples shagging. With all that friction it’s no wonder global warming is destroying our planet.

The average man has sex 6,000 times in his lifetime. That’s 3,000 hours of sex! What a waste of time – masturbate instead and use the time saved to play 1,000 rounds of golf or watch 2,000 football matches.

A vigorous sex session burns off the calories of one pint of beer. So you can easily maintain your weight simply by shagging eight times a day.

The female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the endorphins released), so don’t let her get away with that ‘headache’ excuse ever again.

Men claim to have sex 3 times – women just 2 times per week. So where are all the women during that third shag?

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